This blog is about fitness, exercise and healthy eating. If you would like to try my zumba classes in Dayton, feel free to contact me.


I am a zumba instuctor in Dayton, OH. I began doing zumba in 2008 when I joined a fitness club. The classes were so intense that I had to take a break about half way thru just to catch my breath. After doing it weekly for about a year, I no longer had to take a break. In fact, I was in the front with the instructor. By 2009, I was helping to lead songs and even teaching some on my own. In 2010, I became a zumba instructor. I taught classes once a week at my job. Then I began renting different locations to teach my own classes. I am currently at Janice Ward Center in Clayton, OH. Classes are only $3 pp. My motto is sweat, sweat, sweat and have fun, fun, fun!!!!! It's a party atmosphere. My class is open to all who wish to participate.

I am also in the process of transitioning to natural hair. So I'm a bonified product junkie and eager learner!!!