This blog is about fitness, exercise and healthy eating. If you would like to try my zumba classes in Dayton, feel free to contact me.


Hi! My name is Tya (pronounced Tia) and I am an engineer by day and a zumba instructor by night. The environment, healthy living, mental health, diet, fitness - all of these things intrigue me. As many African Americans have experienced illness within their families, I too have seen diabetes, heart disease, prostate disease, lung disease, mental health disease, and high blood pressure. This is why I am so interested in healthy living. I do not believe that every disease is preventable but I do believe that excessive weight, stress, and lifestyle is a big part of overall health. My blog is mainly dedicated to helping my students find my zumba classes. But I will also post articles, offer tips and opinions about 'healthy living' as a whole. I am currently on a natural hair journey as well. I am also an avid bible reader and teacher. Feel free to email me or post comments. Enjoy your stay!